Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back and ready for action!

Hey guys!
Wow this feels weird, I haven't posted for around two years now, yet i still get page views every day which is a lovely feeling.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is K (obviously that isn't my full first name), i'm 19 and i'll be 20 at the end of september. I'm gay but closeted, although it's pretty clear to everyone and i live in West Yorkshire, England.
I shall be going to university in September in Newcastle and I am yet to lose my virginity completely.

I am 6" exactly, slim and mixed race - half indian so a little tanned. My hair is short and i wear glasses and i'm clean shaven. I am quite smooth and i occassionally shave down below (if only to prevent a bush fire). My dick is maybe 5.5'. Not big by anyones standards but i'm not going to pretend otherwise.

The reason I have decided to resume this blog again is that I hope it will give me the confidence to lose my virginity properly (ie do more that sucking, wanking eg anal!) before I go to uni.

 At the moment I am in Dubai, on holiday with my family. It is 01.44 and everyone is asleep. I can't sleep. I haven't had a wank for 10 full days, which is pretty heavy going for a teenager. For the past few days especially, I have found that hormones have been building up. I am erect maybe once every two hours and I basically check out every guy I see. It has taken all of my willpower not to wank and i'm pretty sure i'm going crazy. I bought two pairs of micro slip briefs by Balmain in the Mall of the Emirates yesterday and i got a boner just looking at the display underwear. The reason i am restraining myself is that i love to have a huge cumshot when i get back from a holiday and usually end up blowing it in the train station toilets, whilst being played with by the guy next to me.

From now on, i'll be posting the stories of my few past sexual experiences and hopefully i'll get some action soon and report back on it!

Sorry for the boring post. The next post is about my 2nd experience, where i gave my first blowjob to my best friend at the time so hold your horses!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Story Of My Train Station Blow Job

Hi guys.
This was posted quite a while ago but it's the only post that i'm leaving up as i rekindle my blog again!

it happened in Leeds train station in Yorkshire.
i had been shopping, had about 5 heavy bags and it was getting dark as it was about a week after christmas so it was late Dec/ early Jan. (2007 if in december, 2008 if in January)
I made my way across town to the train station and realised i didnt have a ticket. usually i would got to the ticket machine but on that day i didnt (thank god, mmmm). so instead i went to the ticket office. there are about 6 points where you can buy a ticket from with ladies sat behind them , like in a supermarlket or bank. it was pretty busy as it was rush hour, about 5.30pm, yet the queue was slow moving (my heart rate has quickened up as im typing this!). I was just standing in the queue, with about 5 people in front of me and like 8 behind me, so it was pretty busy. the guy in front of me was muscly looking and looked straight and good looking . i was on my phone and kind of looking down as i didnt hold my phone up high as i had loads of bags that were weighing my arms down. then i noticed the guy in front kind of scratched or moved his crotch in his hands but i though no more of it . then i saw out of the corner of his eye that he touched his dick (through his trousers ) again . he was discrete but it didnt get past me! so i kind of adjusted my crotch too, for the fun of it. then he touched his again and so did it. then he grabbed his and i grabbed mine, showing him i was hard (i was about 14 , i got - still do- hard easily). then hewe looked at each other and he smirked and held his dick again. then he took his mobile phone out of his pocket and he waes kind of facing towards me. it was a sony erikson and he was scrolling though his pictures. there were some in a garden or a park with his friends and then there was one that he opened large and it was of a monster cock, really long, i was like woahhh!
i smiled and he noticed. then he had to get a ticket as there was an open booth. i then got mine and had finished buying before him so i went outof the ticket office and went in to the station where all the shops are (you have to go through the barriers to get onto the platforms). so i kind of stood around, deciding to wait for him to see what happened or not. in the end he came out of the ticket office and stood next to me. we didnt say anything. he has a blue beanie hat on, looked in his thirties, nicely but not camply dressed and was pale like any brit and had nice eyes, short stubble and short hair under his hat. he then both sort of walked towards the toilets in the station. we had to pay 20p entry in but we didnt look like we were together , just random.
so we went into the mens toilets and luckilyit was empty. so there was a row of uninals (without the things on the sides ) so you could see across. he went to the one on the endge, on the far left and i went to the one on the far right. i didont know what to do as i had never dopne anythiong before so i just kind of expected mutual masturbation.
So he got his dick out, it was thick and about 8 inches i was like wtf! ha. so i has really hard and he was rubing his. i dont know what was going to happen next but out of nowhere he walked up to me, grabbed my cock in one hand , and knelt down. there was no one else except on guy in one of the toilets, i was so worried he would finish and open his cubicly door, we were right outside it!
but i didnt care because then he put my dick in his mouth. i nearly cried it felt so nice. it was warm and moist and soft and he licked my dick and sucked it. i just stood there, looking around to check no one was coming and my knees nearly gave way. i cant describe it as anything other that orgasmic. i was in heaven. i put my hand on the back of his head (with my wool beanie on) and pushed his forwards and backwarsds. he was so enthusuiastic. i was forcing him and he loved it, and so did i! it lasted only for about a minute ha and then i came. i ejac'd in his mouth and he licked my head whilst it was still in his mouth, i came quite alot. he then got up and kissed me and went to the sink to make sure he was clean (he swallowed it by the way :) ) and then i did up my trousers and we both left, in silence. i was still so hard , it lasted for about 15 mins after and when i got home, my boxers were so messy! buy it was amazing. only regret is i didnt get his name or number or anything and ibve never seen him since :(:(
but i have had so many wanks over that memory.
i hope you enjoyed my memory xx im going to think about it again now :D