Saturday, 1 September 2012

Back and ready for action!

Hey guys!
Wow this feels weird, I haven't posted for around two years now, yet i still get page views every day which is a lovely feeling.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is K (obviously that isn't my full first name), i'm 19 and i'll be 20 at the end of september. I'm gay but closeted, although it's pretty clear to everyone and i live in West Yorkshire, England.
I shall be going to university in September in Newcastle and I am yet to lose my virginity completely.

I am 6" exactly, slim and mixed race - half indian so a little tanned. My hair is short and i wear glasses and i'm clean shaven. I am quite smooth and i occassionally shave down below (if only to prevent a bush fire). My dick is maybe 5.5'. Not big by anyones standards but i'm not going to pretend otherwise.

The reason I have decided to resume this blog again is that I hope it will give me the confidence to lose my virginity properly (ie do more that sucking, wanking eg anal!) before I go to uni.

 At the moment I am in Dubai, on holiday with my family. It is 01.44 and everyone is asleep. I can't sleep. I haven't had a wank for 10 full days, which is pretty heavy going for a teenager. For the past few days especially, I have found that hormones have been building up. I am erect maybe once every two hours and I basically check out every guy I see. It has taken all of my willpower not to wank and i'm pretty sure i'm going crazy. I bought two pairs of micro slip briefs by Balmain in the Mall of the Emirates yesterday and i got a boner just looking at the display underwear. The reason i am restraining myself is that i love to have a huge cumshot when i get back from a holiday and usually end up blowing it in the train station toilets, whilst being played with by the guy next to me.

From now on, i'll be posting the stories of my few past sexual experiences and hopefully i'll get some action soon and report back on it!

Sorry for the boring post. The next post is about my 2nd experience, where i gave my first blowjob to my best friend at the time so hold your horses!


  1. Hi there, K

    Welcome back; it's good to hear from you again. I hope life has gone well for you in the last couple of years. Congratulations on getting a university place.

    After restraining yourself for so long, it wouldn't surprise me if your body takes matters into its own hands, as it were, and gives you a wet dream.

    As a matter of interest, why the urgency to lose your virginity completely before you go to university? I'm sure there will be plenty of nice guys there who will be happy to help once you arrive.

    Take care


  2. Hi there, K

    I hope all's well with you, and you're enjoying university.

    Take care


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